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JVP24™ is a fast-growing affiliate and network marketing platform in Germany.

I love affiliate marketing and founded JVP24™.
Our mission is to help both experienced affiliates and beginners make money with our JVP24™ affiliate network platform!

We have generated over €25,000,000 in affiliate collaborations!

The success story of Viktor Siemens

I was able to earn my first €100,000 with it at the young age of 20 and was absolutely thrilled by this opportunity to earn money from home and over the internet. Since then, I have been actively involved in affiliate and online marketing for over 10 years and have decided to build a new affiliate and network marketing platform.

My goal is to help other affiliates, influencers and beginners to also be successful and make money with affiliate marketing. I know from my own experience how challenging it can be to find your way and become successful in this area. That's why I want to share my knowledge and experiences to make it easier for others to get started.

With my new platform, JVP24, I offer a unique opportunity to develop in the world of affiliate and network marketing. Here, aspiring affiliates will find the resources, training and tools they need to maximize their income and achieve their goals.

Whether you already have experience in affiliate marketing or are just starting out, JVP24 is here to support you on your journey. We offer an innovative platform that enables you to be successful with the right strategies and partnerships. You will have access to a variety of affiliate programs that offer you great commissions and lucrative opportunities.

I'm proud to be a part of this exciting industry and look forward to writing your affiliate marketing success story together with you.

Let's work together and make your dreams come true - at JVP24!

Viktor Siemens

The expert in affiliate and online marketing for over 10 years


Reached 6 figures per month


In the same year I was able to independently achieve a 6-figure closing with my own consulting & coaching. Because I not only worked as an affiliate, but my expertise and skills were also in great demand as a coach, consultant and service provider.

Reached over €25,000,000


The year 2018 was my most successful year to date. It was the year with mega hype in the crypto industry. I offered my consulting for affiliate marketing based sales systems. Especially for ICO Crypto Marketing. Well-known projects that I have worked with have mostly reached € million in sales in under 3 months. Of these, affiliate marketing was one of the crucial core strategies.

honesty and trust

I am a person who places great value on honesty because true success only comes through the hard truth.


For me, authenticity is the key to building real connections and maintaining long-term relationships.

Growth & development

A happy life for me means achieving financial success while continuing to educate myself and put what I've learned into action.


Yes, I spent a lot of time privately on my business.

At some point I couldn't go on, it all became too much for me, so I took a break for almost 2 years from 2020 to 2022 and spent the time with my family.

My time and focus were primarily dedicated to my two children and my wife (now separated since 2022). For me there is actually no greater success than the birth of my healthy and happy children.

Now that I have overcome the next shock of separation after a year of separation after 9 years of marriage, I feel stronger than ever and very motivated again to build something new and great.

My next million

In 2023, I returned with full energy and dedication to do my best every day. My goal is to spend more time with my children and ensure financial security for all of us so we can live fulfilling lives.

I have my business plan that I am implementing to achieve my new financial breakthrough in the next 2 to 3 years. Among them, JVP24™, my affiliate network platform, is a significant project.

Review about Viktor Siemens

This is what one of the most famous online marketers and real estate entrepreneurs says

As an active participant in the online marketing scene, I am always looking for new inspiration and experts who can expand my knowledge. One of these experts who has become increasingly well known in recent years and who, in my opinion, should be on everyone's radar is Viktor Siemens.

Alex Düsseldorf Fischer

Entrepreneur, real estate investor and coach

More customer testimonials:

I have known Viktor for several years now. A cheerful, empathetic and motivated character. Last year I decided to hand over one of my projects to Viktor as marketer. Already in the first call you could clearly feel that Viktor knows what he is talking about. The tips that he also gives out along with the solutions alone were worth the money. The business relationship and the resulting friendship still exist today. Viktor convinced me across the board. What was said was actually implemented and delivered perfectly with great attention to detail.

Claudio Catrini

Business Mentor & Coach

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